What is libstrstd.so?

A few years ago I found on my system a mysterious file called /usr/lib/libstrstd.so.104.

I say "mysterious" because its name suggests it is a shared library called "strstd" whose ABI version is 104, however in fact it is not a library. Moreover I was not able to find any evidence of such library anywhere on the Internet. The only mentions of such file are from people who, like me, wondered what this file is — see below.

So far I have not figured out where it came from, so if you have any information about it, please contact me.

Here is what I managed to find out so far:

I have found the following mentions of similar files on the Internet:

Location Date ABI version System Size
RHL-beta-list 2003-10-24 51 Fedora ?
this page 2005-09-28 21:47:40 +0100 104 Debian 362
ubuntuusers.de 2006-01-18 104 Ubuntu ?
GRULIC 2003-08-15 16:33 107 RedHat 9.0 362
Linuxquestions.org 2006-07-13 108 Ubuntu ?
#ubuntu-de 2006-07-29 110 Ubuntu ?

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