debianized mactel kernels

NOTE: These packages are not maintained, because I do not own a MacBook any more.

If you need the packages, they are still available under a changed repository URL - see below. However please keep in mind that no security fixes will be incorporated.

What is it?

These packages are meant for people, who:

APT source line

The following apt source contains kernels patched with the "mactel" patch.

  deb etch kernels

Binary packages

The following sets of linux-image and kernel-headers packages are provided

Please note, that only packages for the i386 architecture are provided. Please do not ask me for amd64 packages. I'm not using that architecture, so I have no way to build or test them. The source package mentioned below may be useful as a starting point, though.

Source package

The source package linux-2.6 from which the binary packages were built, is provided at the following APT source.

  deb-src etch kernels

You may want to download only the diff.gz and dsc files, if you already have the orig.tar.gz which is the same as in the official Debian package. They are available at

Digital signature

Te packages are cryptographically signed with my key, ID 60F41216. You can use the following command to add the key:

  gpg --keyserver --recv-keys 60F41216
  gpg --export 60F41216 | sudo apt-key add -


The following versioning scheme is used: .0.mactel.X is appended to the official debian version number (or etch0~mactel.X in case the official Debian number does not contain the etchN suffix) This way the packages will be considered newer than the official package they are derived from, but older than the next official version.

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