image description display support for xscreensaver

GNOME screensaver preferences showing a preview of the patched screensaver.

I have a large collection of photos which is convenient to view using the glslideshow module of xscreensaver.

Since version 5.13 (released on 18-Apr-2011) glslideshow displays the path to the picture being shown. However most of my pictures also have an embedded description which I would like to see. Therefore I added support for displaying them.

Code implementing that functionality can be fetched from It is rebased against several xscreensaver versions — see the description-on-* branches. To get the patches it is probably easiest to clone the repository and then use a command such as: git format-patch 5.11-1..description-on-5.11-1

Here are a few notes on how this feature works:

The branches for versions earlier than 5.13 also contain a backported patch for showing the path to the displayed file.

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